A model of ecological adaptation

Autophagy-related microRNA-mediated disease treatment (1)

Nanomaterials for Autophagy-Related miRNA-34a Delivery in Cancer Treatment Indexed on PubMed 8/16/20 This article is part of the Research Topic Novel Cancer Treatments based on Autophagy Modulation View all 11 Articles  1)  “…understanding of the molecular mechanisms controlling autophagy…is still far from being elucidated.” That is a lie. Good questions lead towards understanding. Question: How […]

Chirality, nutritional epigenetics, autophagy, and ethnicity

See: Regulation of autophagy by amino acids in: Autophagy in the liver: functions in health and disease Autophagy is the only obvious link from energy-dependent changes in chirality to the fixation of RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions in the cell types of all living genera. The amino acid substitutions link nutrient energy as information to supercoiled […]